Tea Time Cafe | India’s Largest Tea Chain | Best Tea Chain in Hyderabad

Tea Time | India's Largest Tea Chain | Best Tea Chain in Hyderabad

India’s Largest Tea Chain – Tea Time cafe in Hyderabad

8+ Varieties of Tea – A Sip Of Hope!

For the past few years, we all have been complaining that everything is overpriced, especially the morning & evening energy dose of most of us Indians. So, in order to change this culture and shush the surge, Tea Time cafe in Hyderabad came up with a change that definitely solves this problem and has given a new definition to our Indian culture. They believe that Tea is not merely a beverage, it’s a culture, which needs to be inherited by us all. This Tea chain spread across India, has been recognized and honored by Byloapp India as the Best Tea Chain in the Hyderabad City.

Tea Loved by all!

India’s largest and most loved tea chain has transformed the way we consume tea, with 1400+ outlets in India spanning across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka as well. This exactly is a testament to the quality of their products & services they offer. Providing high quality, hand-picked tea leaves at affordable prices is the change which Tea Time aims to bring in the F&B industry.
With the motive to bring tea in its true sense to the Indians – from tea gardens to their glasses, pleasing customers all around the country, they definitely deserve to be associated with the Byloapp Business Awards 2021 & were awarded the Title Best Tea Chain of the City, Hyderabad, under the Food & Drinks category via this platform.

Bringing the Change!

Post pandemic, Tea Time has been dedicatedly working to provide the best & predominantly has made a difference in the lives of jobless people during this crisis, by providing employment which further paved the way for many young entrepreneurs. This generous and modern thinking has made Tea Time touch the new skies and influence the lives of thousands. On top of that, they focus on using only biodegradable cups which are safer for people to use as they tackle food safety and hygiene concerns while rightly serving the purpose and bringing a smile on their customers’ faces.

Founder & His Vision

The Founder of Tea Time, Mr. Uday Srinivas Tangella noticed the huge price disparity between brands, which further motivated him to bring tea in its true sense to Indians without losing the real essence. Additionally, his idea has never been limited to just offering great tea – he also provides help with training, equipment & business skills to his franchise owners while simultaneously creating opportunities to young entrepreneurs and building sustainable lives for farmers & many other unorganized working groups.
Byloapp India is proud to have been associated with such an iconic entrepreneur whose vision is praiseworthy & admirable. Uday, with his team, has definitely solved the issue of serving commoners the desi-way which has been his aim amidst the big-budget brands offering tea & other beverages at unaffordable prices.

Founder / Owner – Uday Srinivas Tangella

Founder / Owner – Uday Srinivas Tangella

Byloapp.com is dedicated to bringing stories of such brands, stores, and merchants into the limelight and making them the celebrities of their hyperlocal marketplace. Therefore, it has introduced the Byloapp Business Awards series that honors and recognizes the efforts of the merchants of the marketplace.
Soon, it will be launching its digital magazine and talk show which will feature the success stories of such prominent businesses and merchants who are the true supporting pillars of the local economy.

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