Tone Garage – Body Transformation Studio in Bangalore

Tone Garage Body Transformation

Tone Garage – Body Transformation Studio

Transform Into A Beast!

Some people only work out because they really, really like donuts. Well, if that is the case, then Tone Garage Studio is the perfect place to ‘Go-Nuts after eating Donuts’, as it is a top-level specialized transformation gym in entire South India, which will surely help you transform those donut calories into freaking abdominal muscles. For their continuous hard work and mind-blowing efforts to help their clients, Byloapp India has given them their due recognition via Byloapp Business Awards 2021.

Best Transformation Studio in INDIA For A Reason!

Very well known for ’12-week fat-loss and muscle building transformation programs, they even guarantee a complete transformation to their clients within just 12 weeks and there has never been an exceptional case till date in the past 4 years; they continue to focus on achieving transformation naturally every day, no matter what happens!
Coming to their training methods, they have a team of professional trainers who train according to your body and your requirements. The studio & its environment is the place of magic where you get the best motivation from all the trainers, especially from Shakil Ahmed, who is the owner of Tone Garage as well as the Best Professional Trainer in the city Bangalore.

Tone Garage | Best Body Transformation Studio in Bangalore gym photo

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One of the greatest centers to get your engine reared up, Tone Garage can be considered as an “anytime me-time” gym for being active most of the hours in a day and is one of the best in the city. Offering transformational courses at reasonable prices and membership plans will not make a hole in your pocket. Considering these all facilities, advantages, and the owner’s own vision, has presented Tone Garage Body Transformation Studio with the Byloapp Business Awards 2021 & the title awarded was, Best Fitness Center in the City, Bangalore, under the Fitness category.

Best Gym in Bangalore –

I lost 13 Kgs and 7 Inches from abdominal area. I’m about to finish my transformation & I’m feeling better, light, confident, motivated and started loving my self. The way coaches push you, motivate you is just next level. Mr. Shakil Ahmed was my Trainer – he is the best, no matter what problems or what conditions, he will make sure you get transformed completely. He is a highly qualified professional and my experience of transformation with him has been exceptional! “

Nisha Kothari

Body Transformation Coach india – Gym Owner Details & His Team’s Goal!

Owner – Shakil Ahmed, the owner is an IFBB PRO ATHLETE AND NESTA PRO CERTIFIED COACH; his training protocol and transformational training is just next level.
Shakil Ahmed and his team help their clients wholeheartedly to get the best out of the limited time which their clients’ have. After the sessions, clients can literally feel the rush of endorphins. Their clients are very thankful for the push and effort they invest in them, getting maximum results in minimal time at the gym, and making them feel great!

Owner - Shakil Ahmed, Tone Garage | Best Body Transformation Studio in Bangalore gym photo
Personal Trainer Bangalore And Owner Of Tone Garage – Shakil Ahmed

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