Why Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing in 2022

Why Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing in 2022 (1)

Video Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

What is Video Content

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram reels at 2 AM? And that too unknowingly, when you have an important meeting or exam the next day? Us too!
Ever wondered why we’re so interested in watching videos of strangers we don’t even know? Well, that’s psychology and very useful for marketing.
Any content format that includes or features video is referred to as video content. Such as Vlogs, animated GIFs, live videos, user reviews, recorded presentations, and webinars are all examples of video content. Moreover, Video content reigns supreme these days. Everyone appears to be working hard to create the most compelling video possible for their brand. So, that’s how we know that video is the future of Content Marketing. But, how do you create an authentic and engaging video?

Here is a classic example of how you should use Video Marketing:

Why is making Video Content the need of the hour

Every corner we see in today’s world, we see an influencer, don’t we?
When it comes to educating potential buyers about a product, video content is an excellent resource. Additionally, according to a study, 94% of marketers believe that using video content has increased user understanding of a product or service. On the other hand, you might be thinking that producing video is expensive and time-consuming. However, there is a lot of technology available that allows you to create good videos quickly and on a small budget. Therefore, Video Content Marketing can be easy, budget-friendly, and can bring a lot of audience to your site. Hence, it saves your money, as well as increases your reach.

Marketing With Videos

Jo Dikhta Hai Wahi Bikta Hai

Video content can help you to get more reach and that too quickly. People place more trust in other people than in faceless Sponsored Ads. Additionally, people want to hear from other people, not brands or companies, in our era of internet ratings and reviews. A simple, enthusiastic plea from an ordinary Dolly or Kenny will ring true with a large number of buyers. So, here are the ways to engage and keep the public hooked through Video Marketing:

How to Engage Your Audience and Keep Them with You?

1. If you want to interact, you must go beyond a voiceover, 

2. Include your Friends and even Pets,

3. Ensure quality and uniqueness,

4. Don’t rely on just a written script,

5. Don’t try to be perfect,

6. Use latest, trendy themes or songs,

7. Do more collabs with influencers,

Do Video, Do Marketing!


There’s no doubt that videos are trending everywhere you look. Because they are a great form of information, quick engagement, and brand loyalty. Your viewers want to see and relate with someone who is similar to them. And you should also keep up with the latest trends, which you can do easily via Byloapp.

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